So we got the new iPad 2 in May, right after MDSW. Love It! The iPad makes it easier to check e-mail and quickly look stuff up on the fly. But it also has a downside. I haven't been able to write blog posts. I don't know exactly what the problem is, but after weeks of trying to figure it out, I've decided I'll just have to use the iMac.

There hasn't really been much going on since I last wrote, except one thing. I met a mens' accessories designer at a cookout this weekend, and he said he needs hats yesterday. I'm not really a hat-maker, but I'll become one if it means fostering a relationship with someone who has celebrity clientele.

I've also got a dog dress that should be done tomorrow, and Ziggie just needs to be sewn. Kara's almost done as well, just the one sleeve left to go. By the end of summer I should have the pattern for Ziggie polished and ready for sale, but Kara needs some serious work.

Please bear with us as we begin redoing the floors in our home. It means less time for knitting and even less for writing. But please keep the compliments, well-wishes, and, of course, orders coming. And if you're in Cranberry, NJ the first week in August, check out my entries in the Middlesex County Fair.

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