I wanna go, go, go go, GO!

Just can't wait til Maryland. I've never been and am greatly looking forward to it. Except for comments on MD being too hot some years, I've heard nothing but good things about the fest. And it's free to all.

I'm also ready for warmer weather to come in and stay. Sunday was almost too warm, and got me to thinking about the lovely cotton, cot-lin, and bamboo blends I have. And the county fair. I won two 1st place awards last year, as well as one 2nd and 3rd place. I have three FOs I want to enter this year, and hope to have at least one more done by August.
Taught my son how to use a potholder loom today. Watched him zoom through two projects and beg for more loops.
I've also seen some neat items created on the loom besides potholders. Thinking of making a bag this summer. If I do, I'll auction it off. Keep posted for details.

On the yarn front, trying to finish my big worsted-weight projects before the weather gets too hot. Then I can dive into the yarn I got and experiment for your viewing pleasure.
A big thank you to everyone who has visited my website.

I was spotted knitting in public (KIP) at my son's soccer game and received an inquiry about an LFC scarf. The design is currently pending approval by the client, so keep checking back for upcoming pics.